Phone: 503-751-2171

Our ProcessĀ 

Our process begins with a phone call or an email from a prospective customer. In that phone call, we get a good idea of what the customer wants and schedule an appointment to meet at their location. We listen well so we understand the desired result. Using our broad experience, we offer suggestions and options that the customer may not have considered.

Depending on the scope of work, we strive to have an estimate emailed to the customer within 3-14 days. If engineering or drawings are needed after a proposal is signed, we can have that work done in 2-3 weeks. If permits are required, the city or county can sometimes take 2-3 weeks to process.

At the time work is started, the customer is given a schedule or time-line as to how long the project will take. While weather can often be unpredictable and cause delay, we strive to stay within our time-line. We give weekly updates and can supply pictures for the customer to see the progress.

At the completion of the project, we do a walk-through with the client and make note of any corrections that they would like. Those will be completed within 3 days of the walk-through.